Our Specialized Departments

Fundamentals of nursing/ medical surgical

Here the focus is to train the nursing students to gain knowledge and skills in nursing. The department provides and opportunity for students to learn and practice. The atmosphere here is conducive for students and faculty for learning.

Community health nursing department

This department is well equipped with all facilities which help the students to grow professionally. The main focus is to provide health care across the life span

. Pediatric Department

The students get good clinical and educational opportunities to develop professionally, helping the students to achieve their educational objectives is an interesting and challenging tasks.

Obstetrics and gynecology department

The department of obg nursing has good facilities which help for professional growth. It provides an unique opportunity for midwifery students to assimilate an ever growing body of scientific knowledge and to develop technical and analytical skills necessary to apply in the practice.

Psychiatric department

Our department’s focus is to train the students to enhance the knowledge, attitude and practice in the field of mental health. the atmosphere here is conducive for students to give guidance and counseling. Our students are skilled and innovative to achieve professional integrity, professional ingenuity and social commitment